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Tam Talbot is a mother of 3 children after having lost more than 50 kg’s, she decided to become a Personal Trainer so she could help others do what she did – fight the food demons!.

After (50Kg)

Having been overweight for most her life, she knows first hand how daunting the prospect of embarking on exercise can be. Her promise is that she will be gentle, non judgmental and understanding, for those who are overweight.. For those who want a challenge or are wanting to improve your fitness, lookout!

Tam Talbot Hobart Personal Trainer knows first hand how hard it can be to take that first step, to lose weight, and to keep it off. A few years ago, Tam embarked on her own weight loss journey, after a bumpy start. She eventually managed  to lose about 25kg. She then enrolled to do a Certificate III  & IV in Fitness to become a personal trainer. This opened up a whole new world to Tam, helping her to shed another 25kg !

Tam has now been offering personal training for 4 years and can help you. Tam specialises in helping men and women achieve their weight loss goals. She can help you identify your goals, develop a program for you, provide you with nutritional information and most importantly, support. Tam will also come to you and work where YOU feel most comfortable – your home, the shed, the park or the beach!

The Body Mechanic offers personal sessions but also can run group classes for children through to adults.

Contact Tam to find out more information or to book a consultation. Your first meeting is free, and prices start from $50 an hour, with package discounts available.

Tam’s qualifications include:

  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Swiss Ball Instructor
  • Nutrition for sport
  • Accredited active after schools sports conductor

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